Sorry, BuzzFeed, But There Are More Than Four Types of Penises


As you might have guessed, The Big Head is a penis with a head that appears both “thicker and bigger than the body of the penis.” Think Helena Bonham Carter in Alice in Wonderland. Using his patients as a sample, Shusterman estimates roughly 20 percent of men possess this shape.

The Big Shaft plays opposite The Big Head. Like a pencil, the head of the penis is smaller than the body, making the appendage appear to end in a point. Needle dick is an unfortunate—but not inaccurate—term associated with this shape.

This special kind of penis points upward, as if trying to determine whether that thing in the sky is a bird or a plane. “There’s a suspensory ligament that holds your penis to your pelvis and it suspends your penis a little upward,” Shusterman explained of the shape. Ten to 20 percent of men have The Curve; Shusterman cites the bend normally faces five to 10 degrees north.

Of all shapes, The Bender is the only one that concerns Shusterman. The shape is most recognized for its “extreme curvature,” which angles 30 to 60 degrees. Of the four shapes, this one’s most uncommon. It’s usually a sign of Peyronie’s disease, or a buildup of plaque in the penile shaft that causes it to stiffen and bend.


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