5 Sex Positions for Easier Orgasms in Missionary

Missionary may be the most standard sex position, but it’s got a lot going for it. There’s plenty of eye contact, everyone knows which part needs to go where, and if you’re on the bottom, you pretty much don’t have to do any work, making it the perfect Lazy Girl move. It’s all great, but if your orgasms are elusive, here’s some stuff to try.

1The Tight Squeeze


It may seem counterintuitive, but instead of spreading your legs wider to get more sensation, slide them straight down in between his and press your knees tightly together. He feels bigger, you feel tighter and, if you tip your butt back a little, you can rub against the top of his shaft in an incredible way.

2The Buzz-Thrill


If you’re just not getting enough stimulation with the classic in n’ out, pop in a couples toy. Look for something wearable, flat-ish (so it fits between you), and featuring dual stimulation – a little something for the clit and some internal vibes for the vag. Plus, it’s triple stimulation if your partner likes vibration on his penis. If you have a female partner, use a wearable toy for both. You can also throw in a double-ended dildo if you so desire. Fire it up, and hang on for dear life!


3Flip It Real Good


Flip missionary upside-down. You get on top in the traditional dude position — mimic it exactly. Thrust with your legs between his, holding yourself up on your hands or elbows. It feels great, especially if you have him bend his knees and spread his legs wide open for you.

4The Upper Thrust


Plant your feet on the ground and instead of receiving his thrusts, thrust up to him. He can stay still and receive your love as you chose to give it, or eventually push back to switch up the sensations. Try a series of short, shallow thrusts, then a deep, full plunge. ~*~ Swoon*~*.

5The Ol’ Grind


Get in missionary, then have him slide up so that his pelvic bone is resting conveniently on your clit. Instead of banging away, he grinds and slides against you up so that the base of his penis, his shaft and his pelvic bone work their magic. It’s a bit less stimulating for him, so he will last a little longer as well.

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