Turn Your Lady’s Big ‘O’ into the Big ‘OMG’ with these Oral Sex Tips

Lying on her back is the most surefire way for a woman to get off by oral sex, say most experts. But if you fancy exploring, why not try out some of these saucier oral sex positions.

1. The Classic

The classic oral sex position for women receiving cunnilingus is a classic for a reason. One of the reasons oral sex is so pleasurable is the opportunity to lie back, relax and receive pleasure. Getting your lady comfortable in bed and allowing you to lavish her with pleasure is a delicious and simple oral sex position.

You can experiment with a few modifications to make this classic oral sex position even more pleasurable.

Uncover! Don’t suffocate under the sheets while going down. Throw off the covers to allow you to breathe freely while pleasuring those ‘O’ zones. The bonus? She gets to feast her eyes on you between her thighs. Make it even more intimate by making eye contact as you bring her to climax.

Try placing a pillow under her hips to elevate the pelvis, giving you a bit more access. Experiment with two or three pillows to gain more height. This position is also ideal for adding in fingering techniques to oral sex, a sure fire way to maximise your orgasmic potential and hit all her pleasure zones at once!

Plant her feet on the mattress, allowing her to push off them and move her hips. This can be your bedmate’s first step to becoming a more active receiver during oral sex. By shifting her hips a little up and down, or to the right and left, she can help your tongue find her most sensitive spots. Once she gains more confidence and is ready to go wild, try moving her hips in circles and undulating waves to maximise her pleasure!

2. Queening

Let your bedmate become the mistress of her own pleasure, and give you an overwhelming experience, by trying the Queening oral sex position. Like true royalty, she can take her throne—by sitting on your face! Ooh-er! Get comfortable, lying down on the bed and then let her kneel over you, presenting her most intimate parts for you to pleasure and delight. She can raise and lower herself, in order to control how much you can reach, and gyrate her hips for her own pleasure. If you are feeling brave you could even experiment with engulfing your face in her flesh for short intense bursts.

Don’t be shy about suggesting this position; women know that many guys fantasise about this experience, it is just having the confidence to give it a try. Make her feel comfortable and you may be rewarded. Queening is truly an empowering experience, so if she is ready to claim her erotic power, suggest she assumes the throne!

3. Doggy Style

Ready to get primal? Get your lady on all fours to let you stimulate her while she moves and rocks her hips. You can either be totally behind her, if she is comfortable with your face so close to all her nether bits, or you can lie down and use your mouth to stimulate her clitoris. Enhance the primal experience of this position by both making lots of noise, expressing your pleasure with moans, groans and even growls!

4. Recline And Receive

If you have a comfortable recliner or reading chair, try putting a pillow on the floor in front of the chair, kneel on it, and invite your partner sits close to the edge of the chair in front of you. This can also work on the edge of a bed. She can then lie back, or you can lift her legs up, and your tongue can get busy.

Ask any woman how she feels about receiving oral and she’ll probably tell you it feels good—but you should never settle for “good” when you could make her feel amazing. Got any hot oral sex tips for pleasing your lady? Share them in the comments.

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