Five Naughty Ways to Indulge in Some Erotic Spanking Fun.


Declared ‘hot, emotionally charged and intimate’ all at once, a little bit of punishment is becoming the ‘brand spanking new’ way to give a whole lot of kinky pleasure. So slip into something slinky, bend over our knee and let us administer some derrière delight!

Hurrrah for the Great Gluteus Maximus!

Spanking is appealing for a variety of reasons: some like the dominant and submissive elements, and some spankers and spankees alike simply love the sensations. Your bum cheeks are packed chockfull of nerve endings and are close neighbours to your sexy sweet spots – the scrotum and the vulva. A few timely blows can send intense sensations rippling through the skin to those areas resulting in a very tasty thrill.

Don’t Rump Them the Wrong Way

So how do you ask for a spanking – or to give a spanking without freaking out your partner? Whether you want to give or receive, simply broach the subject as something you would like to try. Giving your partner a few wallops during your next doggy session is probably not the best approach without talking about it first!

Bottoms Up

As for how to start exploring this new cheeky fun, there is more than one way to flog a naughty boy or girl. Pick a position that is comfortable for you – lying across the lap, standing against a wall, on all fours, leaning over a chair – there is even sex furniture designed specifically for spanking games! Choose your weapon – the hand, a paddle, a flogger —the possibilities are endless!

Posterior Pleasure

Start exploring gently, until you become used to the situation. The fleshy part of the rear end being the best place to begin. Communication is the key again, learn to read your partner’s body and decipher if those whimpers are from ecstasy or regret. The backs of the thighs can be more painful and love-tapping the genital area is a move to avoid in the beginning until your experience becomes more advanced. Other areas to avoid for safety include the backs of the knees, the tailbone and the spine. Use common sense and perhaps even stick to the sweet spot where the bum and upper thighs meet.

Hotter Hindquarters

An erotic spanking should be…well…erotic! Mix up the pleasure/pain factor with some sensual caresses. Get creative and kinky with some genital or anal play and maybe some hair tugging if that’s your thing. 😉

With a little patience, and by mastering your technique, it is possible to orgasm from a naughty spanking alone!

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