British escorts reveal the highs and lows of working in the sex industry

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A British prostitute has revealed all the filthy details about her career choice and the reality of sex work.

“I’m a student in the UK, born and bred in Ireland and I’m also a sex worker, specifically an escort that also dabbles in the sugar dating scene. Ask me whatever you like.”


1. What type of guys do you typically sleep with? Are they married? Typically how old are they?

“My clients have been hugely varied. Young and old, married and single, there’s never really ‘a type’ to be honest.”


2. How much do you charge? What services do you offer?

“It would be a little gauche of me to reveal my prices here ha, but I can say that I charge by the hour with sessions lasting between one to two hours.

“Personally I like to think of myself as being able to offer either a GFE or PSE (girlfriend experience or porn star experience respectively) or something in between the two.

“It depends on the client and whatever they’re looking for really. Though regardless, I don’t do anything without a condom.”

3. Do you hate the people who pay you?

“No I don’t hate them. I think it’s a really unhealthy attitude as a sex worker to hate your clients.

“Obviously there are horrible men and sh**ty clients but if you go in with the attitude that everyone who pays for sex is a bad person then that also reflects badly on your opinion of sex workers in general. They’re just people paying for a service.”


4. What has been your best and worst experience?

“I’m not sure I’ve had a ‘best’ experience yet. Any session with a polite, respectful client is a good one though I’m not sure I’ve come across someone who has ‘ticked all my boxes’ yet.

“I’m also fortunate in that I haven’t had any truly awful experiences yet either. There have been unpleasant clients but no one blatantly rude, more so just guys who are very shy and socially awkward I guess.

“There have been clients who smell pretty bad too but I make everyone shower before we get down to it. Probably the worst thing to happen are hobbyist guys.

“They’re men who treat visiting sex workers as a kind of sport. They’re generally offensive, rude and derogatory.

“They prey on younger women who are new to the profession, use their naivety against them, consider any woman working at this for longer than a few months as ‘used up’.

“They can be very aggressive and reek of that whole misogynist alpha male beta male thing and think that their money makes them special.”

5. What do you tell yourself to get through sex with a man who repulses you, whether physically or in any other way? Or just, how do you do it?

“I can compartmentalise things in my head relatively easily. Of course it’s difficult if he’s physically very unattractive but in my head there’s a difference between providing a sexual service and having sex with someone I love.

“It sounds cold when you say it like that but it’s not really, they’re just two different types of sex to me.

“It’s not that they’re into degrading sex it’s just that they tend to be demanding and pushy and just generally annoying honestly.

“I mean, this is obviously not the kind of job for the faint hearted or meek and you absolutely need to be able to stand up for yourself to these men so it helps to be ballsy, even if you’re completely faking it and end up falling apart as soon as he leaves.

“But that’s ok, same as dealing with a horrible boss or customer or whatever and then going home and having a little cry about it haha.

“Like I said before, there’s a separation in my mind. But I understand that’s not always easy for other people.”


6. Why did you become a sex worker?

“I got into it because I like the independence it gives me.

“I’ve spent the last few years working shitty jobs at supermarkets and various places for crap money and I find it physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

“Being a sex worker gives me the opportunity to work when I want, to see who I want and to make as much or as little money as I want.

“I love sex and I love making money, so why not combine the two?”

7. Do you wish more people knew about your job?

“I wish more people were aware that sex work is just that, it’s work. And the women doing it are just normal people making a living.

“There are survival sex workers, sex workers who may have been former trafficking victims, women who do it on top of a vanilla job to make extra cash… they’re all as relevant as each other. When you realise that we’re just normal people then it takes the stigma away from it.

“It humanises us which is unfortunately something that’s all too often forgotten when you have people who just think we’re “whores” or drug addicts or whatever.

“And the thing is, there are sex workers who may be drug addicts and they’re just as deserving of respect and basic human compassion as the rest of us but people forget that.”


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