I Got Bang-Ganged Again!

Confessions of a slut: I Got Bang-Ganged Again, But This Time It Was At A Party

Shannon was the cutest guy in my English 101 class, so I was flattered when he invited me to the frat house for “a little party.”
I probably wouldn’t have gone if I had known about his twisted plan. But I’m glad I did because it was the most erotic, interesting and messiest night of my life.

My main goal for the night was to get laid. I didn’t particularly care by who, as long as he filled me with cum. I dressed for the occasion. Tight-ass jeans and a half-shirt went over my black silk panties and matching bra.

Shannon answered the door at the Kappa Kappa Kappa house wearing only purple polka dot underwear.

“Oh good,” he said. “We’re ready for you. Come on in.”

He led me down a hall and past a room blasting “Purple Haze” at top volume. We went up the stairs and to the end of another hall where Shannon flung open a door. He pushed me inside before I realized what was happening.

About two dozen guys were packed into this bedroom. They were all naked.

And a porno movie was playing.

The guys, who I recognized from around campus, were jerking themselves off. They weren’t touching each other, but this was clearly some sort of bizarre sex festival. They were just leaning against the wall or sitting on the bed as they stroked off.

Here was the strangest thing: they seemed to be making a circle around a gallon-size margarita glass on a coffee table in the center of the room.

Shannon pulled down his underwear. His cock must’ve been nine inches long with a head the size of a small apple. I watched it pulse ever so slightly. His heart was beating fast.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Suck it.”

I wrapped my lips around the head and eased down his shaft. My tongue slid along the bottom. The other guys whooped as my nose dug into his pubic hair. I let out a slurp as my head pulled back. Shannon grabbed a handful of hair and forced me to suck some more.

Someone behind me grabbed my tits and dug his cock into my ass. Another anonymous hand slipped up my thigh and under my panties. A finger slid into my pussy. I could see out the corner of my eye that the others had closed in around the giant margarita glass. They watched the show and stroked themselves.

Shannon pounded my face hard. I could barely take it without gagging. But I didn’t want to stop either, especially when he began to tremble. The warm, salty pre-cum dribbled into my mouth. Then he really let loose.

The first spurt alone filled my mouth. But the jizz kept coming. Some slid down my throat. Streams formed at the corners of my lips.

“Don’t swallow,” Shannon said.

He gently pulled his cock out of my mouth. His hands hooked my armpits like meat hooks as he hauled me to my feet. The other hands left my body. Shannon and I stood inches apart. He smiled at me as my tongue swam in his cum.

“Give it back to me,” he said.

Shannon parted my lips with his tongue. He lapped up his own cream like a cat, taking big licks. Shannon even cleaned my gums and licked the cum off my chin.

“Good girl,” he said. “Welcome to Kappa Kappa Kappa.”

The margarita glass was filling with cum. I think a few of the guys were going for seconds because all of them were still stroking themselves.

I watched them jerk off. Ray, who had a fire hose of a cock, scrunched up his face, threw back his head and unleashed an amazing stream of jizz into the glass. Five others did the same right in a row.

Rocco, one of the tall ones, stepped over feet to make his way to me. He unbuttoned my pants and yanked them to the floor. Then he grabbed my silk panties from the ass and pulled hard. They tore off my skin.

“On your knees,” he said.

I fell to all fours like a dog. Rocco spread open my ass and licked my crack from pussy to spine. Then he went for the hole, working his tongue as if he were trying to find a way inside. The licking stopped. I started to turn around, but then it happened.


Rocco slammed his cock into my ass.

His dick hit a part of my body I didn’t know existed. An electric jolt blasted up my spine as ecstasy washed through my veins. Every hair on my head tingled. Rocco’s fingertips dug into my hips. His balls slapped against my gushing pussy.

The guys at the margarita glass were jerking themselves with ferocious intensity. Sam jizzed with a grunt, them Mark and Billy. I couldn’t wait to see what they had planned for the concoction in the glass.

Rocco must’ve felt the electricity, too. He tensed up and squeezed my hips. I thought he was going to cum in my ass. But he pulled out. Before I could ask what he was doing, Rocco answered.

Warm jizz splattered across my back. The cum started running to the small of my arched back while Rocco caught his breath.

I thought I had seen everything from these naughty frat boys, but they had yet another surprise. Dirk pulled back from the margarita glass and smiled mischievously at Rocco. He stepped back.

Dirk kneeled next to me and rubbed his face in the cum on my back. He used himself like a mop, and my back was the kitchen floor. Dirk took his time. My skin didn’t have a speck of cum on it by the time he was done.

“OK, Ariana,” Shannon said. “It’s time for the grand finale. On your back.”

I rolled over and opened my mouth. I knew what was coming. Shannon cradled the glass with both hands. He could barely move it without cum slopping over the side. He poured the jizz straight into my mouth. The guys whooped as their semen flowed down my chin, onto my face and into my hair. They attacked me when the glass was empty. I’ve never seen a horde so hungry for cum.

When it was over, I put on my clothes and left. No one said a word about what happened. Nothing had to be said. We all understood that we had all enjoyed something very erotic, but it need to stay very secret.

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