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5 People You Need to Stop Dating in 2017

10th February 2017 SaraX 0

1. The One You Don’t Really Like Sometimes you’re way more into the idea of being in a relationship than the relationship itself. Stop dating […]

Chav Sluts

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How to avoid dating/romance scams

8th February 2017 SaraX 0

  What are dating / romance scams? An online dating scammer is someone who builds a relationship with you, pretending to be a genuine people […]

Online dating safety advice

7th February 2017 SaraX 0

Online dating sites such as, and take dating online and allow members to find potential partners online with many online encounters leading […]

The Benefits of Morning Sex

7th February 2017 SaraX 0

  Religiously known as the day of rest, Sunday is anything but for the majority of couples. That’s according to a new study that is reporting that, […]

27 Sexual Experiences Every Man Should Have

6th February 2017 SaraX 0

Before you settle down with “the one” you want to have a wealth of sexual experience so you know what works for you and what […]